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Confused by genetic tests? NIH's new online tool may help

February 29, 2012, 9:01 am by National Institutes of Health

An online tool launched today by the National Institutes of Health will make it easier to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of genetic tests.

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Fitbit Flex Sleep Sensor Tracker

Will health sensors make humans immortal?

Not so fast! We need to get from here to there. Today, health/behavior monitoring and quantification sensors are all the rage. The Fitbit, a wearable sensor, is one of the more popular wearable tech devices for tracking your health. Fitbit tracks your activity (steps), diet, and even your sleep patterns. You can interact with the Fitbit using a series of tapping sequences and the Fitbit syncs all your data with your phone and computer. Then the process is to quantify, analyze, and optimize your wake and sleep life. Doing all this will not help you avoid your ultimate demise, but it could contribute to a longer life and better yet, one where you're in better health along your life's time-line. The concept is that if you are monitoring your activity, food, and sleep, you can make adjustments to improve these areas; thus better health. The Fitbit Flex is only $99! Get started Buy directly from Fitbit

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Matcha Green Tea Super Food Antioxidants

Matcha Green Tea King of Superfoods

Matcha Green Tea is the latest superfood that celebs and regular folk are finding give them supercharged antioxidant purification with a non-jittery sense of focus. Most matcha available to buy is in very small sizes and is not high enough quality. It is important that you buy high quality matcha. We've found bulk high quality 100% natural matcha green tea imported from Japan. Learn more here: Japanese Matcha Green Tea in bulk here on Amazon

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Role of key protein found in long-term complications from traumatic brain injury
National Institutes of Health : August 3, 2015, 5:27 am
NIH-study shows protein found at higher levels in military members who have suffered multiple TBIs.

Crystal clear images uncover secrets of hormone receptors
National Institutes of Health : July 31, 2015, 11:32 am
NIH researchers gain better understanding of how neuropeptide hormones trigger chemical reactions in cells.

NIH Clinical Center awarded prestigious certification for electronic medical record system
National Institutes of Health : July 31, 2015, 5:36 am
Clinical Center the first federal hospital to achieve Stage 7 certification.

High-resolution 3D images reveal the muscle mitochondrial power grid
National Institutes of Health : July 30, 2015, 10:30 am
NIH mouse study overturns scientific ideas on energy distribution in muscle.

Dr. Peter Kilmarx appointed Deputy Director of Fogarty International Center
National Institutes of Health : July 30, 2015, 5:30 am
Kilmarx previously oversaw CDC efforts in Zimbabwe.