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NwHIN Exchange set to 'stand on its own' this October

March 15, 2012, 10:29 am by Healthcare IT News

If you’re still trying to understand exactly what the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) is, take comfort. You’re not alone. But the canvas – often impressionistic if not downright abstract – is on the verge of manifesting a certain focus on enabling public-private healthcare interoperability and partnerships. Election Feature Content:  No sticky read more

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Fitbit Flex Sleep Sensor Tracker

Will health sensors make humans immortal?

Not so fast! We need to get from here to there. Today, health/behavior monitoring and quantification sensors are all the rage. The Fitbit, a wearable sensor, is one of the more popular wearable tech devices for tracking your health. Fitbit tracks your activity (steps), diet, and even your sleep patterns. You can interact with the Fitbit using a series of tapping sequences and the Fitbit syncs all your data with your phone and computer. Then the process is to quantify, analyze, and optimize your wake and sleep life. Doing all this will not help you avoid your ultimate demise, but it could contribute to a longer life and better yet, one where you're in better health along your life's time-line. The concept is that if you are monitoring your activity, food, and sleep, you can make adjustments to improve these areas; thus better health. The Fitbit Flex is only $99! Get started Buy directly from Fitbit

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Ebola Protective Masks Are In High Demand

With the outbreak of the Ebola virus, Ebola protective gear like masks are being bought up quickly. Historically when the threat of a pandemic hits the news, the "preparers" of the world stock up. One on the first line of defense is the Ebola mask. Learn more about what types of Ebola masks can protect you here.

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State data breach numbers sound alarm
Healthcare IT News : October 30, 2014, 10:31 am
California state officials this week released its second annual data breach report, and spoiler alert: the numbers for the healthcare industry aren't pretty.   read more

Cleveland Clinic's 10 innovation picks
Healthcare IT News : October 30, 2014, 9:22 am
Cleveland Clinic unveiled Wednesday its 9th annual list of Top 10 Medical Innovations that are likely to have major impact on improving patient care in 2015, and among them are some technology advances. It includes a mobile stroke ambulance, fast, painless blood-testing that requires just a drop, and a novel intra-operative radiation approach for breast cancer. The list also includes a lead-free pacemaker that can be implanted without surgery. read more

7 tips to overcome nurses' communication hurdles
Healthcare IT News : October 30, 2014, 8:19 am
Nurses just might be the original practitioners of mHealth. Even during the pre-smartphone era last century, they typically carried pagers around everywhere, often while off the clock. read more

Clinical mobility and security on tap for mHealth Summit
Healthcare IT News : October 30, 2014, 8:12 am
While consumer-facing mobile apps garner much of the spotlight, mHealth devices, hardware and software are all starting to gain purchase within hospitals.  read more

mHealth and engagement: A delicate duet
Healthcare IT News : October 30, 2014, 8:05 am
Patient engagement is one of the more p read more