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Scarring molecule in fat tissue links obesity with distressed fat

January 12, 2018, 10:29 am by ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine

The fat of obese people becomes distressed, scarred and inflamed, which can make weight loss more difficult.

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Airborne dust threatens human health in Southwest
ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 24, 2018, 11:11 am
Researchers have found that in the coming decades, increased dust emissions from severe and prolonged droughts in the American Southwest could result in significant increases in hospital admissions and premature deaths.

Overdose risk factors in youth with substance use disorders
ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 24, 2018, 11:11 am
A team of investigators has identified factors that may increase the risk of drug overdose in adolescents and young adults.

Electrode shape improves neurostimulation for small targets
ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 24, 2018, 11:11 am
A cross-like shape helps the electrodes of implantable neurostimulation devices to deliver more charge to specific areas of the nervous system, possibly prolonging device life span, says research.

Early childhood interventions show mixed results on child development
ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 24, 2018, 11:11 am
Early childhood interventions may have some efficacy in boosting measures of child health and development in low income countries, but more work is needed to sort out how to implement these interventions, according to a new set of studies.

Soaking in hot tub improves health markers in obese women
ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 24, 2018, 10:36 am
According to new research, obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be able to improve their health outlook with a particularly enjoyable form of therapy: regular sessions in a hot tub.