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Spanish hospital achieves Stage 7 status

May 9, 2012, 11:34 am by Healthcare IT News

Marina Salud Hospital de Denia in Spain has achieved Stage 7 of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM). It is the first hospital in Spain, and the second in Europe, to receive the distinction. Stage 7 is awarded for achieving a paperless medical record environment. The Hospital de Denia was officially recognized at the pan-European eHealth Week conference in Copenhagen, May 7-9. read more

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Fitbit Flex Sleep Sensor Tracker

Will health sensors make humans immortal?

Not so fast! We need to get from here to there. Today, health/behavior monitoring and quantification sensors are all the rage. The Fitbit, a wearable sensor, is one of the more popular wearable tech devices for tracking your health. Fitbit tracks your activity (steps), diet, and even your sleep patterns. You can interact with the Fitbit using a series of tapping sequences and the Fitbit syncs all your data with your phone and computer. Then the process is to quantify, analyze, and optimize your wake and sleep life. Doing all this will not help you avoid your ultimate demise, but it could contribute to a longer life and better yet, one where you're in better health along your life's time-line. The concept is that if you are monitoring your activity, food, and sleep, you can make adjustments to improve these areas; thus better health. The Fitbit Flex is only $99! Get started Buy directly from Fitbit

Learn more at Fitbit's Official Website HOT! Fitbit Accessories & New Products Google Fitbit
Home DNA Testing Kit

Simple as Spit! Home DNA Testing Kit Maps Your DNA

Simple home DNA kit allows you to find out what your DNA says about you and your family. Find out what percent of your DNA comes from populations around the world, ranging from East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and more. Break European ancestry down into distinct regions such as the British Isles, Scandinavia and Italy. People with mixed ancestry, African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans will also get a detailed breakdown.

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CMIO: Patient portal a 'source of truth'
Healthcare IT News : May 22, 2015, 8:18 am
At Flemington, N.J.-based Hunterdon Healthcare System, patient engagement is an all-hands-on-deck project, says its Chief Medical Information Officer, Wayne Fellmeth, MD. Patient Engagement read more

CIO one-on-one: the riskiness of BYOD
Healthcare IT News : May 22, 2015, 8:00 am
Steve Shirley, chief information officer at the 350-bed Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, has been in information technology for some 35 years. And, as he sees it, mHealth is bringing some exciting things to his hospital. But there are also some serious questions to consider. Mobile read more

The 4 must-win health IT objectives of ACOs
Healthcare IT News : May 22, 2015, 7:42 am
4 must-win health IT objectives of ACOs When Donald Berwick and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement launched the Triple Aim initiative in 2008, they envisioned a framework for optimizing health system performance by simultaneously focusing on the health of a population, the experience of care for individuals within that population, and the per capita cost of providing that care. Accountable Care The 4 must-win health IT objectives of ACOs Bolstered by healthcare payment reform that includes incentives for adopting and using technology, hospitals and health systems are aggressively developing narrow networks to serve as ACOs – and are betting big on health IT advances.

PCORI gives $120M for clinical research
Healthcare IT News : May 22, 2015, 6:26 am
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has approved $120 million to fund 34 clinical comparative effectiveness research studies on a range of conditions and patient populations. The new awards include nearly $58.5 million to fund five pragmatic clinical studies that seek to answer important questions about radiation therapy for breast cancer, fractures in older adults, and treatments for children with bipolar disorder and Crohn's disease. Clinical read more

Davies Award Winners at HIMSS15
Healthcare IT News : May 22, 2015, 5:36 am
Short Headline:  Davies Award Winners at HIMSS15 Healthcare IT News catches up with recipients of the 2015 HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence which recognizes outstanding achievement of organizations who have utilized health information technology to improve patient outcomes and achieve ROI.