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Vienna West Virginia 3D / 4D Prenatal Imaging practice, New Image Expressions, launch a new pregnancy imaging photos website

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In an effort to provide the best possible 3D / 4D Prenatal Imaging services possible to the greater Mid-Ohio Valley, New Image Expressions has launched a new Prenatal Imaging website.

New Image Expressions is an elective 3D/4D Prenatal Imaging Center located in Vienna, West Virginia.  Their certified Radiologic Technologist and sonographer, Kimberly Evans is highly qualified with 15 years experience.  They are overseen by Stephen Stanley, D.O. Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist.

New Image Expressions operates under all necessary licenses and uses the most advanced FDA approved imaging systems.  Their goal is to provide the most wonderful experience during this most memorable time of your life. Additionally, you can include all your friends and family on the experience. They do this with a separate viewing area that can accommodate up to 15 family members and friends.

Please join New Image Expressions on their mission to provide excellence in 3D / 4D Prenatal Baby Ultrasound Photo Imaging to greater Vienna WV and surrounding areas.

Make an appointment with a Vienna WV Prenatal Baby Imaging Sonographer by contacting their office today!


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