Deal Flurry Shows Drug Makers' Swing Toward Specialization

Wall Street Journal : April 23, 2014
After decades of broadening their drug portfolios through acquisitions, pharmaceutical companies are reversing course to focus more narrowly on what they think they can do best.

Well: The Limits of ‘No Pain, No Gain’

New York Times - Health : April 23, 2014
A new study helps to explain why exercise makes our muscles ache, and suggests that it’s not always a good idea to ignore fatigue and push on.

HIMSS Media postpones ICD-10 Forum

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
HIMSS Media is postponing the ICD-10 conference scheduled for June 2-3, 2014 in San Diego, California. read more

Epidural Corticosteroid Injection: Drug Safety Communication - Risk of Rare But Serious Neurologic Problems

Safety Alerts : April 23, 2014
Injection of corticosteroids into the epidural space of the spine may result in loss of vision, stroke, paralysis, and death.

HIT leads list of top 10 safety concerns

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
Health information technology systems have made their way to the No. 1 patient safety concern for healthcare organizations, according to the findings of a new ECRI industry report. The report, which includes data on more than 300,000 safety event reports, underscores healthcare's top 10 patient safety concerns for 2014 and puts data integrity failures with HIT systems at the very top. read more

Teen went into 'frozen state'

CNN Health : April 23, 2014
Erin Burnett talks to Dr. Armand Dorian, who treated a man who spent hours in a plane's wheel well and lived.

Doctor: Teen went into 'frozen state'

CNN Health : April 23, 2014
Erin Burnett talks to Dr. Armand Dorian, who treated a man who spent hours in a plane's wheel well and lived.

Data sharing: positive patient outomes?

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
Meanwhile, the European Commission has expedited plans to bring in new data protection laws since the Snowden revelations brought the importance of privacy issues to the general public. However, it has been suggested by Peter Knight of the UK Department of Health that new EU rules on data protection would make research ‘impractical’. read more

Stolen laptops mean $2M in mega fines

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
Serving notice that "covered entities and business associates must understand that mobile device security is their obligation," the HHS Office for Civil Rights has settled with two organizations for a combined $1,975,220 penalty after their unencrypted computers were stolen. [See also: Why does healthcare resist encryption? ] read more

Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments nominations open today

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
If you think your hospital IT department is one of the best in the U.S., nominate it for Healthcare IT News' 4th annual Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments program. Nominations open today, April 23, and close May 23. Based on data gathered from anonymous employee surveys, Healthcare IT News will publish an October 2014 special report, in print and online, profiling the top IT departments, exploring those qualities that make them exceptional. read more

Immunization Resources Aim to Keep You Up-to-Date

American Academy of Family Physicians : April 23, 2014
Have you checked your mailbox lately? The AAFP has mailed laminated copies of the 2014 immunization schedules and other helpful resources to all active and resident members. In addition to the full-color schedules, the packet includes a number of documents aimed at helping family physicians stay up-to-date on vaccine-related issues.

CMS deputy administrator to step down

Healthcare IT News : April 23, 2014
Jonathan Blum, principal deputy administrator at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be stepping down from his position on May 16. The announcement came by way of an internal email via CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner. read more

Wine and Your Kidneys

NIH Medline Plus : April 23, 2014
Source: HealthDay - Related MedlinePlus Pages: Alcohol, Kidney Diseases

Ebola death toll rises again

CNN Health : April 23, 2014
A total of 142 deaths have been reported from the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Liberia, the World Health Organization says.

This is you on stress

CNN Health : April 23, 2014
Obsessing about Bad Things That Could Happen can damage your body. But it's possible to retrain an anxious brain.

Hospice boss cleared of misconduct

BBC Health : April 23, 2014
The director of care at a children's hospice is cleared of professional misconduct over the way she dealt with a dying teenager.

Opinion: We are killing ourselves with antibiotics

CNN Health : April 23, 2014
Martin Blaser says the overuse of antibiotics threatens to deplete our bodies of "good" microbes, leaving us vulnerable to an unstoppable plague--an "antibiotic winter."

Cancer teen reaches £1m target

BBC Health : April 23, 2014
A teenage blogger with terminal cancer raises £1m for charity after posting his final message to followers.

How Much Protein Can the Body Absorb?

Scientific American: Health : April 23, 2014
Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous -- Read more on

Well: High Altitudes May Aid Weight Control

New York Times - Health : April 23, 2014
A four-year study of overweight military personnel has found that those stationed at high altitudes are less likely to progress to obesity.

Michigan man among 1st in US to get 'bionic eye'

Associated Press Healthwire : April 23, 2014
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- A degenerative eye disease slowly robbed Roger Pontz of his vision....

Violent crime 'continues to fall'

BBC Health : April 23, 2014
Violent crime is continuing a long-term fall in England and Wales, according to annual figures from NHS hospitals.

Clwyd hospital care claims rejected

BBC Health : April 23, 2014
Serious complaints made by a Labour MP over the hospital care given to her husband before his death are rejected following an independent investigation.

Trust 'failed' on 111 call answering

BBC Health : April 23, 2014
The South Western Ambulance Service chief executive says the service has "failed to deliver the performance required" in answering weekend calls to the NHS 111 number.

For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
Telling someone to "act your age" is another way of asking him or her to behave better. Age, however, does not always bring improvements. Certain cells of the immune system tend to misbehave with age, leaving the elderly more vulnerable to illness. Because these cells are known to misbehave similarly during spaceflight, researchers are studying the effects of microgravity on immune cells to better understand how our immune systems change as we age.

Splashy plan for pool in NYC's East River unveiled

Associated Press Healthwire : April 22, 2014
NEW YORK (AP) -- Forget Jones Beach or the Jersey Shore. A design team says New York's East River could soon be the place for summer fun....

Orangetheory fitness?

CNN Health : April 22, 2014
A relatively new workout program revolves around participants' heart rates. Holly Firfer explains Orangetheory fitness.

Applying math to biology: Software identifies disease-causing mutations in undiagnosed illnesses

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
A computational tool has successfully identified diseases with unknown gene mutations in three separate cases. Sequencing the genomes of individuals or small families often produces false predictions of mutations that cause diseases. But this study shows that a new unique approach allows it to identify disease-causing genes more precisely than other computational tools.

Fat metabolism in animals altered to prevent most common type of heart disease

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
Working with mice and rabbits, scientists have found a way to block abnormal cholesterol production, transport and breakdown, successfully preventing the development of atherosclerosis, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes and the number-one cause of death among humans. The condition develops when fat builds inside blood vessels over time and renders them stiff, narrowed and hardened, greatly reducing their ability to feed oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle and the brain.

Mental Illness Not a Driving Force Behind Crime

NIH Medline Plus : April 22, 2014
Few crimes committed by mentally ill patients were directly linked to symptoms, researcher notes Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Page: Mental Disorders

Fear Won't Boost Exam Scores

NIH Medline Plus : April 22, 2014
Researchers found scare tactics could actually backfire, result in lower grades Source: HealthDay

Glaxo Exits Cancer Drugs

Wall Street Journal : April 22, 2014
GlaxoSmithKline's decision to leave the hot field of cancer drugs narrows the focus of its business to just four areas: respiratory and HIV treatments, vaccines and consumer-health products.

Management of elderly patients with lung cancer

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
An expert opinion on managing treatment for elderly patients with non-small cell lung cancer has been recently published. This update includes recommendations for screening, surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy, treatment of locally advanced and metastatic disease as well as new data on patient preferences and geriatric assessment.

Male health linked to testosterone exposure in womb, study finds

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
Men's susceptibility to serious health conditions may be influenced by low exposure to testosterone in the womb, new research suggests. Understanding why some men have less of the hormone than others is important because testosterone is crucial for life-long health. Low levels of the hormone have been linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Life stressors trigger neurological disorders, researchers find

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine : April 22, 2014
When mothers are exposed to trauma, illness, alcohol or other drug abuse, these stressors may activate a single molecular trigger in brain cells that can go awry and activate conditions such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and some forms of autism. Until now, it has been unclear how much these stressors have impacted the cells of a developing brain. Past studies have shown that when an expectant mother exposes herself to alcohol or drug abuse or she experiences some trauma or illness, her baby may later develop a psychiatric disorder later in life. But the new findings identify a molecular

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