Looking for an anti-fog solution for your VR lenses?

Foggy Virtual Reality VR Lenses

Nothing will make your blood pressure skyrocket more than foggy VR lenses. But what can you do about it? Medical Web Times has tested a number of VR lens defog options, from microfiber to anti-fog products.

While microfiber will only compound the problem due to only being a temporary fix requiring repeated stops and wipes, committing to an actual product/solution will have you back in focus and again crossing that rift, mentally, to your chosen virtual world.

Our anti-fog Gear VR lens winner is RainX. You'll want the smallest bottle from Amazon (3.5oz) since you only use a tiny dab on a folded paper towel.

How do you defog your VR lenses?

Once you have a couple small drops of RainX on the corner of the paper towel, simply swipe and rub all areas of the inner side lens (the side that your eyes are closest to during use - that's where it is fogging up). Then take a dry corner of the folded paper towel and wipe all areas of that lens to remove any wetness or smears. Repeat these steps on the other inner lens. We usually let it sit for a 20-30 second to let any remaining product dissipate. Read the warning instructions on this product. You obviously don't want any in or near your eyes.

Keep that folded paper towel near your RainX for reuse before each VR session. These items should also stay near your Gear (or other) VR headset as to not slow you down every time.

If you follow this recipe, you'll temper that foggy lens annoyance and quickly transverse over to the otherworld.

Oh, and by the way, the newest edition of the Gear VR headset is now available. Check it out here on Amazon!

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